Google West Africa – Business Innovation via Armies of Entrepreneurs. Final Looks At G-Ghana, G-Senegal, G-Ghana

Tekedia Intelligence Lab has received reports from Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria on the Google events in those nations. Google just completed them. Our editors are getting them combined. We will publish this report on Monday. Generally, Google must be commended for finding interests in the youth and people of West Africa. We think this model is sustainable. We are working hard to get these reports and more presentation slides out.


If you attended this program and made a presentation, please email that to [email protected] We have received a few and will be running them here from Monday.


Similarly, our correspondents are sending live updates on Garage48. We hope to run a summary also, very soon.


Techopenday will be completed also.


The truth is that our editors are also practitioners and that makes time very precious.


Check Tekedia for the latest and up events, news, perspectives….on technology, across Africa.


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