“Hello, My Name Is David” – A Google Ad In The Economist

There is a cool ad in the Economist by Google. It begins like this: “Hello David. What is your name again?”. Then Google went ahead to explain why it uses cookies to ensure it does not have to ask your computer its name and locations everytime you visit.


It is as Businessweek has it, Google is working hard to help people understand its one policy, one experience strategy where most of the products and sites have one privacy policy.


An effort by Google  to implement a common privacy policy across its dozens of websites is drawing scrutiny from European data-protection agencies. The search giant says the change will make it easier for consumers to sign up for and use Google offerings such as YouTube and Gmail, but will also allow greater data sharing among the myriad services operated by the company. Regulators in Ireland and France on Jan. 25 said they plan to monitor the policy and ensure Google does enough to alert consumers to the change.

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