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Hilda Baci and the Hunt for Consumer Engagement

Hilda Baci and the Hunt for Consumer Engagement

On social media, employees of any company saddled with the responsibility of engaging with customers and potential customers, if not on a daily basis, at least once a week, have the mandate of hunting for new followers and also ensuring strong retention of the existing ones. In the course of carrying out this strategic responsibility towards the attainment of the overall corporate goals of making sustainable revenue and profits, the employees must hunt using various strategies. This has been one of the dominant reasons that they do scout for trending events in physical settings and on digital platforms that connect with their brands and products directly or indirectly.

To make their work easier, social media platforms, through their software engineers and developers, have developed different technical means of mass-producing text and non-text contents produced by brand managers, marketing communications professionals, and other positions related to consumer engagement or corporate affairs. Following these narrations, our analyst examines over 1,000 tweets about Hilda Baci’s recent global achievement of being the longest cook with the intention of critically finding branding and marketing elements various companies and individuals deployed for marketing purposes.

Brand Association: By mentioning Hilda Baci’s name in the tweets, the users are associating her with various topics and events. Our analysis suggests that this association can create brand recognition and awareness for Hilda Baci, potentially increasing her visibility and reputation. At the same time having positive ripple effects on companies’ and individuals’ businesses that employed her name.

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Viral Content and Hashtags: The use of hashtags like #PrayForBnxn, #BBTitians, and #GuinnessWorldRecord aims to capitalise on existing trends and conversations on social media. By including these popular hashtags, the tweets have a higher chance of being discovered and shared, potentially increasing their reach and engagement.

Influencer Marketing: Our analysis indicates that some of the users who mention Hilda Baci and other unrelated topics in their tweets are influencers or individuals with a significant following. By mentioning her name alongside other popular figures or topics, they may be leveraging their influence to draw attention and engagement from their followers, potentially benefiting their personal brand or reputation.

Attention and Engagement: From a strategic marketing perspective, including a well-known or trending name in tweets can attract attention and increase engagement. By mentioning Hilda Baci’s name, the users may aim to capture the interest of a broader audience who are familiar with her, even if the tweet’s content is unrelated.

Expanding Reach: This aligns with political activities and educational institutions that have the intention of spreading specific ideologies. In this context, our analysis reveals that associating Hilda Baci’s name with unrelated topics or events is a strategy to expand the reach and visibility of the topics in the tweets. Users may anticipate that followers or individuals interested in those unrelated topics will come across the tweets due to their association with Hilda Baci’s name.

Serendipitous Connection: In some cases, the inclusion of Hilda Baci’s name alongside unrelated topics was a coincidence and/or a random connection made by the users. They mentioned her name to add a familiar or recognisable element to their tweets, despite having unrelated topics.

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