Hire Ndubuisi Ekekwe to Speak in Your Event, Program or Company

Hire Ndubuisi Ekekwe to Speak in Your Event, Program or Company

I want to make it easier for you to hire me to speak in your events or programs. I have been doing this for clients, and I want you to extend the invitation. It could be in person or remotely delivered.

The ITNews Africa, a South African publisher, has called me a “doctor of innovation“. As they were creating a new product – the “African Innovator Magazine” – they knocked at my door. The London-based Planet Earth Institute, a non-profit chaired by a former UK Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has recognized me as an “African science and technology pioneer”. From TED fellowship to the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader, through my doctoral degrees and master’s degrees, to my works on iPhone sensors, innovation has been my only strategy. I teach innovation, from South Africa to Vietnam, from Kenya to United States, and beyond. And on the pages of Harvard Business Review, I have been writing on innovation for years. And I live innovation in my businesses and we have won awards because we innovate.

With increased requests to speak in events, I am formalizing the process here. Yes, you can hire me to speak in your events. I focus on Innovation Discovery, and Innovation for Growth, bringing many elements to help your organization in developing and executing exponential capabilities to thrive in your sectors and markets. 

I will present what is happening in your market, customized for your company, and then offer insights on how you can plot your strategies to win. This goes beyond industry statistics and typical SWOT analysis. We work to help clients see their markets in new ways, providing roadmaps on how they can unlock opportunities, in exponential ways. It is an intense talk, combining technology, finance, political economy and strategy. As technology redesigns markets, I break the implications in short, medium and long-terms

My goal is to help you think big, in very clear and measurable ways, so that you can move from invention to innovation, discovering growth opportunities before someone does it in your sector. We have served many clients in Africa and around the world including World Bank, United Bank for Africa Plc and FrieslandCampina (makers of Peak Milk).

Want to hire me? Contact [email protected] for pricing.


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