How To Invest N100,000 (or $200) In Lagos

How To Invest N100,000 (or $200) In Lagos

The wise man in the Richest Man in Babylon admonished us to “invest in what you understand”. That means you need to understand before you can make that call. And if you do not understand, the first investment should be to invest in New Knowledge so that you can begin to understand. So, if you have a small change and you are looking desperately on where to invest, ask yourself if you have done the most important investment: knowledge investment.

The empires of the future will be knowledge-companies. And nations, companies and people who invest in building Mines of Knowledge will outperform those who are fixated on the other types of mines – hydrocarbons, etc. Invest in knowledge; that should be the first investment before you find a destination for that $200 (or N100,000) you are hoping to deploy in markets.

Make time and learn something new. There are many online programs if your city does not have programs you can do in person. I have read The Economist, Forbes (US), Fortune, and Bloomberg Businessweek for more than 15 years. I am not sure any asset could have outperformed the value derived from those subscriptions. Yes, evaluating investment is not just on Naira and dollars.

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Yes, evaluating investment must not be modelled purely on Naira and dollars. Liberate your mind through knowledge, and prepare for the next level. So, invest that $200 in yourself, and learn something new, if you see $200 as being so huge that it has to be deployed in markets!


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2 thoughts on “How To Invest N100,000 (or $200) In Lagos

  1. But it’s the sort of investment you don’t do and go to bed, waiting for dividends? Because if you are not committed to industry, everything you invest there will still disappear.

    Knowledge investment is a unique type of investment, irrespective of any amount you pour in there, you are still expected to actively engage and immerse yourself in it, in order to stand a chance of future bountiful returns.

    It’s the most rewarding, not just in monetary value, but delivering a human whose mind is sound and deep

    As always, the most precious things are least considered in the order of priorities, for most people anyway.

  2. In the Christian circle, it’s said that after salvation (of the spirit), the next hardest to achieve is the liberation of the mind. Putting a scripture to it, 1 Samuel 2:3 – “The Lord Is a God of knowledge, and by Him actions are weighed”. So, the quality of a decision is weighed on the amount of knowledge one has.

    Many people cannot afford because of public shame to wear rags on their bodies but many carry old knowledge and fluent it. Updated bodies with mind deep in stench.
    Good evening.


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