HTC To Launch And Open HTC Sense To Developers

HTC Sense mobile user interface has a new developer program. This was announced in the recently concluded Qualcomm Uplinq event. Through this program, HTC will make available HTC OpenSense SDK with the APIs, plugins, sample code and libraries to develoers. This is going to be like what Google does with Android where developers get the SDK and kits they need to develop on the platform. They will have toolkits and toolsets with players like Linkedin, Picasa, among others joining this program.


While introducing this, HTC CEO, Peter Chou, noted that developers can use the HTC tools to enable them make their apps better. This is how they explained the program on the development site.


We know that, by supporting your ideas, the benefits customers get from our technology can increase exponentially. HTCdev is designed to give you the inspiration to explore the possibilities within the HTC platform, the support you need to develop your ideas, the platform you need to promote your applications and the forum to connect with other developers and with HTC. Through tools, tutorials, blogs and events, HTCdev is dedicated to helping you get the most from your talent and potential. And we can’t wait to get started.


The program will be launched this summer on the HTC development website:


Why HTC Sense?

HTC Sense is more than a user interface – it is a holistic experience that is focused on improving how people live and communicate. For developers, it’s the perfect platform to make your ideas a reality.

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