Huawei’s ARK OS Unifies iOS and Android

Huawei’s ARK OS Unifies iOS and Android

As I predicted, Huawei will fork ( mind the spelling please) Android to create its own operating system. But it is going far – merging what looks like iOS on Android to have Ark OS. Yes, Ark operating system for Huawei. See images below – the images were found in patents filed by Huawei, making them largely believable.

These blurs are purportedly screenshots of Huawei’s upcoming ‘Ark OS’ announced after America banned the company, and they appear to confirm it is based off Android.


Firstly, may I say the UI revealed in these images is incredibly boring and closely resembles iOS.

But secondly, and far more interestingly, Ark OS appears to be a fork of Android or is at least compatible with Android apps as the ‘Weather’ app’s description claims it to be compatible with the “Android Green Alliance” through compatibility, stability, power consumption, performance, security and privacy detection.

My conclusion: If U.S. pushes Huawei and by extension the broad Chinese phone makers out of Android, I predict that within 6 years, the operating system of choice in Android will be the flavour the Chinese device markets converge on. If they decide to use Trumpy Ark operating system, as I proposed, Africa, Latin America and most parts of Asia will flip. Why? Affordability.


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