It’s Not Rocket Science… But You Need to Understand How No Deposit Bonuses Work

It’s Not Rocket Science… But You Need to Understand How No Deposit Bonuses Work

You’ve probably heard about one of the most outstanding offers provided by many casinos. Yes, we’re referring to no deposit bonuses. Despite the structural changes to online gambling we witnessed over the past years, these bonuses have remained popular and well sought-after.

However, it’s good to understand that claiming that much-desired no deposit bonus isn’t always as straightforward (nor easy) as you might think…or wish. This is why it’d be useful to read up on them to better understand what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t get us wrong, there’s still a possibility of winning real money, but you need to be realistic in your expectations and always play for the fun of it.

You can think of a no deposit bonus as a gift which comes wrapped in a package. In the same way that you need to unwrap the packaging to get to your gift, your bonus comes with strings attached, in the form of terms and conditions, which you need to satisfy to be able to enjoy your reward. Let’s take a look at the way this works in practice.

 What Is A No Deposit Bonus? 

This consists of credit that is added to your account in exchange with your signing up to the casino. As the name suggests, it doesn’t require any deposit from your end.

A no deposit bonus takes the form of either free cash or free spins. The free cash is also known as free chips and the player can use it to play games for free. On the other hand, free spins allow you to play certain slot games for free.

The term ‘free’ here is being used quite loosely, because although you’re not obliged to pay a deposit upfront, you would need to fulfill certain wagering requirements to be able to access your winnings.

What Are Wagering Requirements And How Do They Work? 

These requirements are there to prevent the player from quickly withdrawing the extra funds. Therefore, players must bet/wager the bonus money over and over again before they can finally make a withdrawal.

If your next question concerns the number times you’d need to wager your money before you can claim them, the answer is that wagering requirements vary from one game to another. With one game you might need to wager 30x and with another you might be asked to wager 50x.

And it’s not that as clear-cut too, because each game might vary in its contribution to the wagering requirements. For instance, a game can have 30% contribution which means that if you wager €100, only €30 will count to the wagering requirement.

Plus, there is a stipulated timeframe in which you have to fulfill these requirements. This further highlights the importance of reading the terms and conditions because they are indispensible for you to make the most of your gambling experience. Bonuses T&Cs are usually found on the Bonus page of the casino site or at the very bottom of the webpage.

How Can I Claim A No Deposit Bonus? 

First of all you need to find a casino that offers a no deposit bonus and check whether you should use a particular bonus code. Once you know which casino you’re opting for, you just visit the website and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ‘join’ or ‘registration’ button.
  2. Fill in the registration form that is displayed on the screen.
  3. Besides inputting your personal and contact information, you need to think of a username and password.
  4. Once you input them and take note of them, you need to accept the casino’s terms and conditions – if you can’t read them carefully, at least scan them for the most important information.
  5. Complete and submit the form.
  6. Get started by logging into your new account and you’ll find that your balance includes your no deposit bonus funds.
  7. Discover which games you can play with the no deposit bonus and – voilà! – you can start playing!

Your Questions Answered 

  1. Can I still claim a no deposit bonus through my phone?

Yes, no deposit bonuses are also available on mobile and to claim one you should simply visit the website from your mobile browser and complete the sign up process as described above. Your no deposit bonus will be available on your mobile, soon after you submit the registration form.

  1. Can I use my bonus winnings with any game?

No. As implied above, no deposit bonuses are typically restricted to certain games. Most online casinos will only permit you to use the bonus on selected slot machines.

  1. Are no deposit bonuses restricted for new players only?

No; even existing players can earn a no deposit bonus. Although no deposit bonuses are primarily for people who create a new account with an online casino, existing players can also earn one as a reward for their loyalty.

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