Jhaki Enters Nigeria’s Logistics Sector with Technology Differentiator

Jhaki Enters Nigeria’s Logistics Sector with Technology Differentiator

Nigeria has an infrastructure paralysis which makes the cost of goods manufactured domestically, and  those imported into the country, very expensive for the final consumers, due to dilapidated roads across the country, and an inefficient rail network which seems to have no sustainable solution.

Jhaki.com is a digital platform which provides a holistic last mile delivery of goods from manufacturers and importers within the country, by connecting them with truck owners and other carriers. It offers advanced booking, real time tracking, proof of delivery, automated receipts and a fair pricing structure.

Jhaki is a platform that connects shippers with carriers. With unmatched capabilities we reinventing freight transportation in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa with real-time tracking of cargo, transparent pricing and access to a rich pool of verified carriers. Our experienced professional team solves the industry’s biggest problems using the best technology available in order to promote connections with carriers.

It seeks to empower carriers by intelligent delivery of freight, and hopes to unlock opportunities for shared prosperity in Nigeria’s logistics industry while offering shippers to book affordable, reliable and high quality services.

According to Brainerd Odiete its Co-founder, Jhaki hopes to offer the best customer experience with cutting edge secure technologies to meet and surpass the expectations of customers. The key differentiator between it and the competition is the multi freight delivery option through roads, rail and inland waterways.

This is a game changer because an importer or manufacturer can through the platform have his goods delivered from Lagos to Onitsha, through the waterways, which is the best and cost effective option as a result of the River Niger and Inland port there, due to the bad state of roads in the Eastern region, and lack of rail access from other parts of the country.

Jhaki should deploy Zenvus Loci to improve its technology capabilities.

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2 thoughts on “Jhaki Enters Nigeria’s Logistics Sector with Technology Differentiator

  1. A new differentiator for me would be to see a truck aggregator or manager that could go for three years without any of the trucks in its fleets being involved in any form of crash.

    It is time to start paying attention to something that truly matters: safety, both for the drivers and other users of the channels or mediums mentioned. Loci will do the tracking, now we must ensure that the ride is smooth from departures to arrivals.

    Let’s see how Jhaki will jhaki Nigeria and Africa…


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