Join Tekedia Mini-MBA And Master The Physics of Business

Join Tekedia Mini-MBA And Master The Physics of Business

In physics, momentum is the product of mass and velocity. To build a great business, you need momentum but here the Mass is the size of your business and Velocity is the new basis of competition you are creating in the market. A new basis comes when a company is innovating, making it possible to chart a new pathway in the market. Without innovation, you have  only Speed which is simply participating in the market without a direction. In mechanics, you already know that Velocity is speed with a direction.

At Tekedia Mini-MBA, we provide a fundamental foundation of creating a new basis of competition, translating how we serve customers, moving beyond their Needs to expectations to Perceptions. The greatest companies serve customer perceptions, not just their needs. When you focus on meeting the perceptions of your customers, you engineer fandom. Fandom means your customers become fans of your brand. It means you have Velocity, not speed.

Join us in the next edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA which begins June 7 to Sept 1. Our school is big; we have 36 nations represented. Cost is $140 or N50,000 and it is 100% online, self-paced with thrice live Zoom sessions.

Come, let us master the physics of business success at Tekedia Institute. Register to beat the early bird deadline and get many benefits.

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Comment: Sir, I like the idea presented in your post. I strongly believe that businesses in Nigeria stand to gain a lot if they employ the scientific approach more often.

May we then make a comparison of two companies and their share of profit in respective markets:

Tesla and Dangote Group.

Tesla, operating with relatively low mass and high velocity, through rapid innovation is maintaining peak momentum within the global automotive industry.

On the other hand, Dangote Group has a high mass due to the number of subdivisions, employees, assets, liabilities etc. which is set to increase further when the refinery comes online.

However it can be said to possess a somewhat low velocity since the format of its business operations is based on a legacy of the industrial age (moving upstream and consolidation of weak points along its supply chain).

The product of its high mass and low velocity yields a high momentum as shown by its pole position in profitability within the Nigerian market.

It seems that different approaches may still yield the same result.

My response: Absolutely – there are many ways to optimize for that high momentum. But the greatest happens when mass is high and velocity is high. Think Amazon.


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