Juniper Networks Enters Nigeria, Layer 3 Assures Corporate Partners of 100% Security

Epsilon has caused so much trouble in the world now through its email security breach. Citibank, Abebooks and many others have been informing customers that someone blew away the lid of the security pot in the vendor that keeps their emails safe.

For Nigeria, that has been the worry for years. Yes, loss of valuable information and data experienced by corporate organisations in Nigeria mainly arising from security threats of their networks may soon come to an end as Juniper Networks, a service solution provider of Google, face book and American online (AOL) has begun business in Nigeria.

It is coming through a partner, Layer 3 – a well respected indigenous ICT firm in Nigeria.

The CEO of Layer 3 has some great words for corporate Nigeria:

Chief Executive Officer of Layer3, a certified partner of Juniper networks for the West African market including Nigeria, Oyaje Idoko disclosed, “ IT is changing and its a most dynamic technology in the world, and recent entrance of submarine cables providers into Nigeria, networks are becoming more and more interwoven. So security has become a serious concern and juniper currently is the number one provider of security solutions in the world, and has maintained the number one position for seven consecutive year in security.”

It is good to have such a firm in Nigeria. Layer 3, una well done for bringing it here.

Juniper Networks

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