Just Invested In A Startup!

Just Invested In A Startup!

Happy to announce that today we wired money to a team of amazing builders in Lagos. That is their first raise. It is an API startup in a sector I have been watching. That makes it my 4th personal investment since March. I sold a small US company, mainly on the IP [those ideas which you have no time to pursue further], and want to support builders and makers in Africa.

But unlike before where I revealed these portfolios, I have become a new capitalist: I only share their names after Tekedia Capital syndicate members have checked the deal flows. Once they see and make their decisions, I will announce them publicly. Our Demo Day is June 12, and after that, we will close some investments. Then, we will reveal: I do not want you to go and inflate valuations! Lol.

Nations rise when pioneering entrepreneurs emerge. Nigeria, Africa will rise as young people begin to fix frictions. Tekedia Capital will be part of the equation.


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2 thoughts on “Just Invested In A Startup!

  1. Please, keep pushing this fund home. Yesterday, Mono, an API firm raised 2 million USD. So, I became more interested in what this API was and found a lot of information on what it’s. It’s holds value.

    Well-done, I would be joining the part soon, just let my writings fetch me money then I would message the team on the steps to investing.

    God bless Tekedia capital and all the Good citizen of Nigeria


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