Kenyan Jamobi Helps You Do Booking From Your Mobile Device

Jamobi by OTB Africa Limited is a mobile software solution that allows members of the informal sector to effectively carry out book-keeping from their mobile device at affordable costs and convenience.


Selected Products and Services

Mobile Enterprise Solutions

OTB Africa provides mobile enterprise solutions geared towards transforming the business operations of various organizations in various industries to be more ubiquitous in nature, thus potentially increasing the productivity of these organizations.

With our mobile enterprise solutions, we are able to offer your company’s staff the ability to monitor business functions from their mobile phone handsets. The business functions that OTB is able to mobilize for your company include but are not limited to:

• Customer relationship Management
• Human Resource Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Financial Accounting
• Enterprise Resource Planning

Our mobile enterprise solutions also include the integration of mobile technology to current ERP systems of large and medium corporate organizations


Enterprise Software Development

OTB Africa is an information systems developer, implementing solutions for business process automation. Our solutions focus on improving organizational performance through the integration of activities across various functional departments. Our solutions include:

– Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
– Enterprise Content Management/Document Management
– Customer Relationship Management Systems
– Supply Chain Management Systems
– Intranet/Extranet Solutions

Also, together with our mobile service offerings, we are able to provide total enterprise mobility. When providing enterprise mobility, we leverage existing internet and mobile platforms, resulting in real time processing of information, thus offering a competitive advantage in terms of service delivery


Mobile Marketing solutions

OTB Africa provides marketing solutions for brands wishing to interact with their audience on a more personal level; using the mobile phone. Our mobile marketing solutions are 360 solutions that integrate a variety of mobile platforms, providing brands with an effective medium to achieve their marketing communications objectives; whether it is information dissemination, establishing a call to action or brand building, we will assist you in defining a relevant mobile marketing strategy that focuses on giving you a justifiable ROI for your investment in this powerful medium. The available platforms include but are not limited to:

• Wireless connectivity
• SMS technology
• The Mobile Web
• Bluetooth

The solutions provided strive to roll out successful advertising campaigns to consumers while at the same time, respecting the privacy of these very same consumers by provisioning the advertising services using an ‘opt-in’ approach.

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