mPayer Working Hard To Simplify Mobile Payment in Africa


In the wake of mobile money, high transaction businesses can hardly keep up with mobile money demands. mPayer by Zege Technologies aims to make Mobile Money payments with enterprises easier, more efficient and much faster than current configurations. It aims to make mobile money more.


The Problem

Organizations that accept Mobile payment encounter challenges in on-demand processing and execution speed of those transactions. This is also compounded by the lack of an API from most Mobile payment provider such as MPESA


The Solution

MPAYER manages Mobile payments where transactions are processed on demand as opposed to scheduled processing. It manages corporate collection accounts(MPESA-Pay Bill and ZAP-Nickname). This results in increased transaction speeds  and enhanced accuracy due to direct system integration with organisations financial systems.


About Zege Technologies:

Zege Technologies is your Information Technology partner. We design, develop and implement technological solutions. We recognize that integration is vital for institutions and enabling that integration in an efficient and easily understood framework is crucial. Our expertise is concentrated on developing and integrating financial solutions for institution that offer various financial services to their customers. We Identify industries/corporations that need financial tools anticipate clients’ needs and adapt software solutions to these needs.


We endeavor to provide financial integration and money transfer solutions to corporate entities. We strive to customize the software to client specifications while provide training and support.


At the core, we serve the market of Africa to socially, economically and intellectually empower the people of Africa through technology


We want to enable the people of Africa access innovative technology that tackle real life challenges hence promoting prosperity


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