LG GS290 Phone Review – The Latest To Join The Cookie Family

In a word or two

The LG GS290 is a super-affordable touchscreen phone, the latest to join the Cookie range.


Early Review

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The look of the LG GS290 is more sophisticated than its fellow recently-announced LG Cookie handset, the GT350. The frame is less rounded and has a vibrant blue edge that runs around most of the phone – with silver at the bottom – and the home key has a chrome finish. The touch-sensitive screen looks a similar size to the one on the GS290 and we expect it to be a 3 inch touchscreen.


Like the GT350, the LG GS290 is a slide-out QWERTY handset. Whether it has four rows of keys too is still to be confirmed but we do know it has been created with social networking in mind so expect apps for popular sites like Twitter and Facebook.



The GT350 focuses on social networking with an upgraded touchscreen – it is the successor to the KS360 – for responsiveness and enjoyable interaction. You can access social networking sites from the icons or from the shortcut key on the keyboard. All the updates, messages etc associated with these sites are displayed on the home screen so you can respond quickly, and if you enjoy instant messaging, the handset supports Windows Live and Google Talk. We expect to see many of these features on the new GS290.



LG has said that the GS290 is the most affordable mobile in the Cookie range with a full touchscreen. Most likely, this phone is based on the original KP500 Cookie – a fellow budget touchscreen with a fun interface, 3.2-megapixel camera and media player, which was recently upgraded in the shape of the Cookie Plus.



The LG GS290 is set to launch and we anticipate details will be released on this handset very soon. The moment we are able to discover more, we’ll let you know here.

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