List Of Startup Competitions In Africa

hese are some startups or entrepreneurial competitions in and across Africa. We have linked some sources that described them where the main sources are not readily available. Notice there are some with global dimensions.


Besides these ones below, there are many countless ones within national boundaries like the frequent competitions in ccHubNigeria. Kenya’s iHub has been running quality programs as well.


  • IPO48,
  • Garage48,
  • App Circus,
  • Huawei developer challenge.
  • Nokia’s Create for millions Contest,
  • infoDev’s Top 50 competition,
  • Google Android Sub Sahara contest,
  • Apps4Africa.
  • Samsung’s Bada Developer Challenge,
  • Ericsson Applications Award
  • infoDev’s m2work Micro-work Challenge.
  • Pivot 25, the predecessor of Pivot East.
  • Startup Weekend

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