mHealth And Why That Could Change Healthcare in Africa

One of the most prevalent problems in Africa is healthcare delivery. For decades, we have been unable to solve it. Lucky enough, the continent has improved its mobile communication system. From Nigeria to Botswana, Africa is up and calling, wirelessly.


Now, is there an opportunity for our continent to develop our healthcare, from scratch, based on mobile medicine? Just forget the old health model of building clinics everywhere and help citizens to make their cell-phones connecting nodes for selected and expanded hospitals.


In that case, people can actually get care without having to travel four hours to see a doctor.  Can the continent build health hubs and health spots that can be equipped with equipment for diagnosing some common ailments with data sent wirelessly to hospitals? Hospitals then can send prescriptions to local pharmacies? Or perhaps request for physical visits when necessary.


How can we make doctors to see lesser patients so that people do not spend two hours in hospitals just to have a 4 minute discussion with a doctor? It is already known that our medical staff are stretched to the core. But there is an opportunity from technology and we must take advantage of it.


That is where the Africa has to be. It must be. Stakeholders need to congregate for this because now and the future is mobile.

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