Microsoft Partners With Paradigm Initiative Nigeria On NGO Academy – June 15 & 16, Abuja

The global software giant, Microsoft,  and Paradigm Initiative Nigeria will host a networking and information-sharing event for non-profit organizations in Abuja on June 15 and 16, 2011. The event website is here where participants can register.


The Academy will offer an interactive capacity-building program to further enhance skills in ICT, allow NGO staffs learn more about Microsoft’s opportunities for non-profits, provide technical demonstrations of Microsoft products and give NGOs the opportunity to network with relevant institutions. Participants of an earlier edition that held in Lagos opined that the NGO Connection Day event gave them the opportunity to discuss technology use in their work, learn more about technology tools and establish faster online presence that helped make their information available to a much wider audience.


The event will also present a Tech4Dev Award which will be announced in the program.


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