MultiChoice (DStv, GOtv) Hikes Prices, Ignoring The Drumbeats in Nigeria

MultiChoice (DStv, GOtv) Hikes Prices, Ignoring The Drumbeats in Nigeria

Yes, you would not have expected MultiChoice (DStv, GOtv) to be considering increasing the prices of its products and services with the regulatory drumbeats in Nigeria. But if you look deep enough, MultiChoice may not have an option. Its products depend on foreign raw materials and when your Naira falls, it has to ask you to send more to cover the fall. Provided MultiChoice has not changed its structure into a charity, the social and regulatory activism will not change that redesign. All foreign and imported products have since increased prices  – why not, DStv? (See the MultiChoice letter and the new prices below)

This is the deal: the agitation and social media activism will not change market dynamics. MultiChoice is not sourcing products in Nigeria and reselling. If that remains so, prices will keep rising. If you think otherwise, check the prices of toothpicks and near-airport-pizzas, they have risen because most are also imported! Take it Nigeria, devaluation has happened twice in the last four months; MultiChoice has increased prices twice in the last four months. It sounds similar

Giving reasons for its upward review of pricing, the company cited factors such inflation, operations, the mandatory increase in Value Added Tax, VAT and devaluation of Naira by the government (see attachment).

DAILY POST observed that from Tuesday, September 1, 2020, MultiChoice will effect its new price regime which is as follows: DSTV Premium will move from N16, 200 to N18, 400, Compact Plus from N10, 925 to N12, 400, Compact from 6,975 to 7,900 and for users of GOtv Max, they will have to pay the sum N3,600 from 3,280.

Good People, the only way is to attend that football bidding war in Europe and win. Then, you can come to Lagos and distribute it at Umuahia rate. Until then, everyone is at Johannesburg rate.




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13 thoughts on “MultiChoice (DStv, GOtv) Hikes Prices, Ignoring The Drumbeats in Nigeria

  1. In Igbo parlance, you hear – ‘ejiro onu etinye azu na ofe’, translated as ‘you do not use mouth to put fish (or meat) in the soup’; in other words, you use money to buy the fish, it’s never a wishful thinking thing.

    There is a limit to which you can hold things together, and if nothing is done to salvage and upgrade same, then collapse is inevitable. Things don’t change for better simply because you frown a lot or shout ‘we no go gree’; if you have a plan to stop a company from bleeding, then go in and do it.

    If what you used to buy at N306 and sold at N340 suddenly becomes N400, if you think you can continue to sell at N340, just because your buyers are whining that they cannot pay more, then the only road available to you is the one to your village, because you are on your homerun for sure.

    FAAN announced the other that they are increasing passenger charge by 100%, from N1000 to N2000, their reason? Their revenue fell by 95%! Let’s stop this ridiculous thinking that a company’s pricing can remain same when all the conditions that informed that pricing have changed; companies don’t exist in alternate universe. The same way you are worried about your finances, companies here are worried about theirs too; no one is exempted.

    1. Remove some content of those packages or create another package with lower content and higher quality. If subscriptions continue like this am not subscribing anything again. Let me chop first!

    2. So you are telling me to pay 7900 with no ESPN to watch NBA games? Just laughable, I buy mtn 200 for 1G stream my NBA games,with 200mb you can watch an NBA game, so do the math, with 1G do you know howmany games I can watch? Plus for 8500 I can get startimes and watch my ESPN with sub for 3500, just wait and see people will dump dstv, buy startimes and the games startimes wont show, they will stream it

  2. Fixed monthly charges is then not the way to go.Without the pay per view model which is what obtains in South Africa the Nigerian consumer is made to pay even when and for periods he is not watching DSTV.Those of you who argue that the increase in the company’s costs which you say the company didn’t cause must be reflected in their charges must also reckon with the fact that operating the fixed charges model is then dubious.Some of these commentators we know are downline dealers and business agents of Multichoice who are only furthering their business fortunes at the unfair expense of their countrymen.Typically Nigerian.Shame

  3. I can’t remember watching more than 7 stations from Dstv, it makes no sense to me to have many stations that i don’t watch, it is better for them to develop this package in such a that one can choose or select how many stations he or she wants their by billing one accordingly so that you don’t pay for what you don’t want and end up not watching them.
    Chinedu Okoro

  4. I remember the days of paying fixed maintenance tariff for PHCN meters whether you have light or recharge or not…
    Nigeria… We’ll surely get there with some suffering as usual…
    It’s Pay as You Watch or Nothing…
    I think streaming live matchets for the epl lovers may be the next way to go…

  5. Tekedia, I feel sadden the way you have handle this dstv issue with your writeup, I believe with your level of exposure I thought you could also give dstv a better option knowing fully that we all are yet to get over the shock of covid19 to our businesses and place of work…as a professional company the first thing to do is back to the drawing board, how can we get the people to stick by us without increasing our subscription rate,? before they came to Nigeria we were watching football matches, I can’t remember watching Mexico 86 or Italian 90 from dstv, we are so corrupt even in our write up we fail to point out issues, they should consult the lagos business school if they lack ideals…have you thought of money made from adverts? Do you know the waivers they get from importation?

  6. Go and see what they show in all these channels same content all over again and you still wants us to pay high sub again this is uncalled for really.

  7. Please Nigeria are you people are not seeing what is happening in your local currency that you people have the lowest currency in the world so until Nigeria government change thy economy if not nothing we be ok.

  8. Very funny I’ll pay £7:900 to watch the same thing over and over again. With all those useless channel they have. Come to thing of it how much are they paying in their county.


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