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Multiple Chapters 3-6

Multiple Chapters 3-6
  • Chapter 3: Faith
  • Chapter 4: Prayers
  • Chapter 5: The Price Of Perseverance
  • Chapter 6 – The anointing

Chapter 3: Faith

What is faith

  • Faith is knowing the will of God and following the way to actualizing it
  • Faith is sharing responsibility with God in the light of scriptures so as to have your desire delivered

So faith is not just a belief or hope, it is a lifestyle is an act. But your faith in God will answer based on your standing with God. Who you are to god will determine what happens to you.

What to note about faith

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  • It is of a religious logic or sectional terminology
  • Faith is not a gamble
  • Faith is a tool of spiritual battle
  • Faith is the only connecting rod between the natural and supernatural
  • Faith puts you in command of situation and circumstances of life. In the very class of God.
  • Faith works or doest based o your walk with God
  • Faith is a heavy weight virtue

Why faith in business

Many people don’t even have faith in and the workings of their business. In faith you have a responsibility-work study, prayers, fellowship and communion with the holy spirit etc. faith is a personal responsibility meaning one man’s faith cannot answer for another, it is your “your faith that will make you whole’. You need faith in business because

  • It helps to rule in the world of impossibilities
  • Faith affects animate and inanimate object
  • Faith is an evidence of answered prayers
  • It builds expectation and hope which is critical to receiving
  • It motivates you to believe in God, people and yourself and by so doing you are unstoppable

Characteristics of faith

  • It is a seeking force
  • It is a driving force
  • It is a restful force
  • It is a daring force
  • It is an ever wining force

Start speaking sales, growth, and enlargement into your business. You have been  with those goods or properties for days, weeks.  Speak sales into it. Tell it to behave and have faith in God. If you ask in such a manner and do not doubt in your heart then your miracle is sure.

One unique thing about faith is that it gives a cheque in prayers and in the financial world a cheque is equivalent to cash.


What is hope?

Hope is expectation of a better outcome. It is futuristic. Expectation is the mother of manifestation and what you don’t expect you cannot experience.

Hope is what will keep you going in the face of opposition and resistances to your progress. But it is important to note that it is faith that fuels hope in a business person. Hope makes you keep seeking opportunities to make the most of your adventures and reaching your goal. Hope is the light that makes the assurances that something will turn in your favor which eventually will do. Hope keeps your expectation alive but since your expectation determines your experience then hope will make your experience a glorious one.

Ways to fan your hope

  • Always have a vision written and regularly reviewed
  • Keep company with hopeful people
  • Be open to new information and technologies: it will keep your mind fresh and sharpen your vision
  • Always have flexible plans
  • Focus on results not obstacles
  • B an impulsive thinker
  • Be a team payer

Chapter 4 – Prayers

Every individual, people pray irrespective of religion, sex, color, race or status. There is a natural consciousness that there is a supreme authority that is above all . I perceive as a reader you belong to a region.

You see, the dynamism and volatility of business makes it pertinent to engage in prayers. Remember that you are not the only one doing business there are lots of people so there is a risk factor, that’s why you seek a higher power to help you which is God. You can get books on prayer especially my book on praying and praying through for further reference.

Speaking in tongues

It is otherwise called praying in the spirit. It is common knowledge that the spiritual controls and influence the physical. Your spiritual buoyancy will have a direct role on your business, life and well being.

It is succinct to note that you can pray in knowledge and you can do that in the spirit. People resort to this sort of prayers when they sense that they need higher help from above.

Why should you speak in tongues?

  • Satanic forces are spiritual while you see their physical effect but if you want to fight back you engage in a spiritual fight
  • It edifies you
  • It is a secured medium of spiritual communication
  • Puts you in the place of dominion
  • Supernatural fruitfulness and enlargement is established
  • Hunger for the things of God
  • A good stimulant in prayers

Chapter 5 – The price of perseverance

Perseverance means endurance, persistence, unrelenting in a given task. It is an ever give up tonic from your inside until your business becomes a global success.

Many people give in and sellout, just a few days to breakthrough, they give up and throw in the towel. Friends, you are closer to success than where you have started. Research has shown that outstanding successes usually failed at least 7times.

I remembered vividly the story of Benjamin Franklyn who failed elections severally but finally became American president. Look at our dear president, Muhammadu Bahari who failed elections for 16 years but finally the made it in 2015. Can you imagine if he didn’t contest in 2015, he would have missed it in history.

The gift of Giving

As a business person there are different platforms to give

  • Tithing
  • Offerings
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Taxation

I will technically focus on CSR and Taxation

There are many businesses evading and avoiding tax and so they don’t even engage in CSR. Remember without the society your business and you can’t exist. Remit your taxes, give back to the society also engage in religious giving. This is what they practice in the west, that is, why their businesses keep going well and profiting.

Chapter 6 – The anointing

The anointing is the divine enabling. It is divine help, divine grace, and divine ability. Your business is destined to be great and loaded but you will not explode without the anointing. Without the anointing you cannot break forth and manifest what God has loaded inside of you. Remember, your well being is the well being of your business. If you suffer spiritual defect, it will show in your business

Have the anointing

  • To rule and reign in the midst of your enemy
  • To open up your destiny
  • To preserve and sustain progress
  • To scale new heights-change levels
  • For empowerment

The anointing of the Holy Spirit is for all spheres of human endeavor. The more anointed you are the more the breakthrough you command. Your level or profitability is anointing dependent.

How to encounter the anointing

  • Righteous living
  • Genuine thirst
  • Pray for it
  • Look for men who have it and follow them
  • Humility

Note that anointing is the digging of hands of god in the life of a man.

The power of confession

What you say determines what you see. You can’t be confessing hardship and expect a flourishing business. In this part of the world, it is normal or termed humility to complain and that’s why many issues are complicated here. Keep saying good things about your business and you see it taking shape. Confession is very powerful; it creates your desired future. Words are every powerful, it is one of the strongest armory in spiritual warfare

Wake up at night and early in the morning and say what you want to see and you keep changing from glory to glory.

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