My Social Mobile Delivers Voiced Facebook and Twitter Feeds

With the growth of data networks and the web, texting/SMS has been left to wander in oblivion. SMS is still a major form of communication due to its simplicity. However it has not evolved to the next generation of communication media with the growth and linkages to online social networks and the likes. There is still a massive opportunity to take this simple yet efficient technology to the next level. MSM is looking at that opportunity.


My Social Mobile (MSM) is an application that delivers Voiced alerts from Facebook/Twitter as you listen to your favorite Music. Hear who has tagged you in a photo, likes your status, re-tweeted your tweets among other great updates.


This offers a really good way to stay connected, but it can also be addictive. Imagine getting all the feeds from Facebook and Twitter, you may have time for anything else.


This is where you can get the apps and the instructions are as follows:

Transform your phone into the latest social tool:

  1. Get automated voice alerts from Facebook & Twitter while listening to your favorite music or radio.
  2. Get alerts from Facebook when selected Friends update their status, you’re Tagged, a Friend comments on your status or photo & and much more…
  3. Get alerts from Twitter when selected people you are Following update their status, when you are Mentioned, when Your Tweets are Re-Tweeted & and much more..


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