Tuvitu – Mobile Platform That Enables Users To Personalize

Tuvitu is a mobile platform that contains content-rich mini-applications (widgets) which enable users to personalise the information they browse via their mobile phone. Tuvitu is Swahili for ‘small things’.


The team comprises a group of partners and visionary individuals who have been in the mobile space for over 6 years. This team is charged with ensuring that Tuvitu scales as a platform and puts Africa on the map. These partners are the Shimba Technologies, a Payment Platform, OEMs (Nokia), MNOs & the various content providers who have chosen to take this journey with us.


This product comes from Shimba Technologies. This company provides channel development, information dissemination and transaction processing of key content. Our business objective is the development of tailor made corporate mobile related solutions as well as products for the wider mass market.


This service is free and works in many phones.


Will Tuvitu work on my phone?

Tuvitu works on thousands of different device models that run Java (most phones do).
If you are using a Nokia device visit the Ovi Store to download Tuvitu. If you are uncertain whether your mobile phone is Java-enabled, try installing Tuvitu.


How much does it cost? It’s Free!

Tuvitu is a completely free application, partially ad-sponsored, which means you don’t pay us
anything to use it. In order to use Tuvitu, you need access to the Internet from your mobile phone. Tuvitu was designed to minimize the amount of data transferred to keep your data costs low;however, you may still want to consider an unlimited data plan to keep costs down.


How do I get Tuvitu? From m.tuvitu.com

Tuvitu is a tiny application that you download and install on your phone. Start by opening your phone’s Internet browser (usually the globe icon) at this address: http://m.tuvitu.com
Click on the ‘tuvitu’ link and confirm all pop-ups appearing on your phone.



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