Ndubuisi Ekekwe Speaks with BBC Igbo On Umunneoma Economics and Igbo Apprenticeship System

Ndubuisi Ekekwe Speaks with BBC Igbo On Umunneoma Economics and Igbo Apprenticeship System

We are taking the Igbo Apprenticeship System (IAS) to Harvard Business Review – the world’s finest business publication – as  a compelling framework for a more equal world in this age where stakeholder capitalism is emerging over the traditional shareholder capitalism. Yes, Adam Smith economics should adapt for Umunneoma Economics. In this video, I spoke with BBC on Igbo making the same case that Africa has a winning economic thesis on IAS, and we can advance on it.

The fastest wealth accumulation in African history happened in Southeast Nigeria. Any wealth held by any Igbo began with 20 pounds in 1970, after the war. Through IAS, those 20 pounds have grown to control Abuja real estate (more than 70%), industries, etc.

The IAS was propelled by Igbo leaders as young men began to leave home after the ruins of Biafra war. As the elders blessed them, they dropped a message: “onye aghala nwanne ya”[do not leave your brethren behind].

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With that, as people made progress, they came back home to pick kinsmen, dividing and sharing opportunities in the cities. And with that playbook, a region that ideally should be the poorest region in Nigeria (they lost the war) is today regarded by the United Nations as the most secure on human development.

We need to modernize the IAS as it offers a playbook to advance Nigeria and broad continental Africa. Yes, that thing works and we can see the impacts across Nigeria. Put the IAS in Economics textbook in Nigeria!

Harvard Business Review Has Approved The Work On The Igbo Apprenticeship System

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3 thoughts on “Ndubuisi Ekekwe Speaks with BBC Igbo On Umunneoma Economics and Igbo Apprenticeship System

  1. Even the type of Igbo you were speaking there still needed putting my ear on the ground, before I could comprehend each line without issues…

    The thing is that when you don’t document and promote what your heritage has, even those that started yesterday will lay claim to being the greatest inventors and innovators; but it’s all about who can document and advance stories.

    We don’t need to teach kids and students foreign made economic models and frameworks, when we have developed and scaled better frameworks that advanced families and societies, with only missing link being that they weren’t properly documented and promoted.

    With the global platforms at our disposal, and with immense capacity to create and advance new platforms, we will retell our stories and put our cherished heritage where it truly belongs: at the top.

    Keep them coming…

  2. Kwongo nwanne ukwu. Your Isuikwuato dialect is impeccable. You made so much sense. Congratulations on your efforts and your wins. More Grace!!!

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