Nigeria Fantasy Football League – The Rewarding League

Nigeria Fantasy Football League – The Rewarding League

Did you know, you can become a manager of your own dream football team and win a huge reward at the same time? It is different from online betting in that you are not required to bet with the odds that make you lose all the time. As a manager, you get the opportunity to pick your dream team before league matches kickoff, and you earn money according to how the chosen players perform on match day.

As more and more football fans get involved in related activities, the Betway Nigeria Fantasy Football League is becoming increasingly popular. To many, it is viewed as a constructive pastime, while others view it as an opportunity to grind huge sums of money. Since it came into the Nigerian market, the number of participants has been growing consistently largely due to increased awareness and the potential winnings involved. As it stands, there are weekend millionaire contests as well as mid-week specials.

The whole idea stemmed from the English Premier League Fantasy Football where different sets of fans compete against each other in real time to win big money. Ideally, it is a battle of wits among fans drawn from different teams in the EPL. As a manager, you earn points depending on how well you know players and their positions. Normally, there is a limit into the number of players you can pick from a single team. With an initial budget of 100 Euros, you buy players for all positions using the money allocated. There is a valuation for each player before the season starts, but that value may increase or decrease depending on performances on different matches.

How to earn points

A good manager will always pay attention to their teams before every single match. With the option to make changes on your team to cover for injuries and to replace underperforming players, it is how you balance the lineup that determines the number of points you’ll obtain in the end. There is a small penalty for every player dropped midway, but if you play your cards well, it is always well worth it.

Points are awarded according to individual performance. For example, a goalkeeper earns you points according to the number of saves recorded via live stats, and there is some extra bonus for every clean sheet. Defenders too are awarded according to performances throughout the match, with tackles, clearances, aerial duels won, and clean sheets kept determining points accumulated. Players on the score sheet add a lot of value to your team, and it gets better when they can register double figures or hattricks. Unlike in Betway betting where you bet on a player to score, with the fantasy football league you earn points whenever one of your players is on the score sheet.

Players to avoid

There are players who are naturally gifted and can change the course of a match single-handedly, but they cannot be trusted when it comes to discipline. These are players who can damage your points card anytime perhaps due to their temperament during a match regardless of whether they score or not. A booking or a dismissal is a sure way of getting points deducted, so avoid players of this caliber in your team at all times. As the name suggests, it is a fantasy football league, and nothing too serious. Combine a little fun with some winnings and enjoy all you can.

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