Nigeria, It’s Time for Action, Let The Think-Tanks Become DO-TANKS

Nigeria, It’s Time for Action, Let The Think-Tanks Become DO-TANKS

Yesterday in a Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) event, I spoke before some of the most talented young people in Nigeria. Banking, oil & gas, and telecoms continue to attract the core talent of the nation. You can add well-funded startups and foreign-invested insurance firms in the group. When you speak with these young people, you will notice one thing: action and execution. They speak with clarity, and with a high optimistic exuberance, powered by sheer knowledge base, anchored on the constructs that with efforts, any problem could be solved. They are pragmatic and action-oriented.

Later in the day, I led a session on Discovering Opportunities in Tekedia Live. Interestingly, the innovators and project champions there converged on the same trajectory: besides discovering them, only taking ACTION unlocks opportunities. Yes, everyone knows that Nigeria needs clean water, good schools, better healthcare….those are latent opportunities. But to get anything from those, you need to take ACTION.

Across human history, the destinies of people have been practically defined by having men and women who take actions through the spirit of entrepreneurial capitalism. On this Sunday, I want to wish Nigeria, Africa to take ACTION on healthcare, education, agriculture, governance, etc – and advance our communities and nations.

We have had many Think Tanks (too many please), this is the era for DO-TANKS. #ACTION4Progress . Yes, Just Do it!

Happy Sunday.


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