Nigeria Launches Two Satellites With NigeriaSat-X Made In Agege, Ogoni And Kafanchan – Congratulations To Nigerian Engineers!

Nigeria launched two satellites into orbit with the aim of using them for a range of tasks, including disaster monitoring and security. The satellites, NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X,  were launched on Wednesday from the rocket launch base in Yasny, Russia.


The two satellites can be used for forestry, mapping, disaster monitoring, military applications and security, among other functions. It was indeed a great day for the folks at NARSDA as the President congratulated them:


“I congratulate our nation for this new chapter in our transformational efforts as we strive for self-reliance,” President Goodluck Jonathan said. “Let me congratulate the resourceful Nigerians who made this history possible.”


According to Jonathan, NigeriaSat-X was designed and built by Nigerian engineers and scientists, while NigeriaSat-2 was built in collaboration with Surrey Satellite Technology Limited in Britain.


A much-hyped Nigerian satellite launch in 2007 led to disappointment when it later failed. The 257-million-dollar Chinese-built satellite was to provide phone, Internet and broadcast services. But where China failed, Nigeria won. According to the government, NigeriaSat-X was made by Nigerian engineers. Tekedia thinks at Agege, Oluwo Odofin, Kafanchan, Opopo, Ogoni, Mgbidi, Igbere, Panshin, Kafanachan, Bukuru, [find the place]. Great nation, good people. Ok good people, great nation.


Tekedia sends our congratulations to the Nigerian engineers that designed NigeriaSat-X at Agege, Kafanchan and Ogoni where a team of experts spread across the nation conceived and brought this project to live. We commend their vision and engineering prowess to have leapfrogged into satellite engineering design and development, bypassing power generation and road construction capabilities. And of course food preservation.


This shows what Nigerian engineers can do if the government could support them. If Nigerian engineers could build satellites, it is time NNPC hands over the design of the refineries to us. It is also time we make our own planes. This is a good day for Nigeria and we congratulate all the folks for this giant and wonderful success. Congratulations Nigerian Engineering profession. This is progress and we are very excited!


Finally, government must award all the engineers with national honors because this is historic. We recommend GCON because there is nothing like this. Tekedia is truly proud of our nation.



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