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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 – Pure Engineering With The Simplicity Of Android

There are certain things that we all expect from Android phones, and when it comes to Sony Ericsson devices, these expectations are not only met, they are also surpassed.


Take the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8, at first glance; this device is pretty much like any standard Android handset available. But once you get to try out the Timescape user interface and how smoothly the device works, even a seasoned Android user would realize that this handset is a cut above the rest.


In terms of specs, the X8 is basically the same handset as the X10 Mini which was launched months before the X8 came out with the difference being in size. While the X10 Mini was a handset designed for people who preferred a smaller handset, the X8 was made for those who appreciated the extra screen space.

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As for other features, such as speed, connectivity and hardware capabilities, the two are practically evenly matched. These devices, along with the X10 Mini Pro, provide SE users with a broad range of Android phones to chose from.


Screening Time

The XPERIA X8 comes with a 3 inch TFT capacitive touch screen display. In terms of smart phones, this one is pretty average in size and specs. This makes it perfect for the X8. This phone is designed for the average smart phone user who wants to have a decent screen to watch media content.


The 3 inch display uses TFT technology over AMOLED in order to cut down on costs. But picky media viewers will be better off with the original X10 with its 4 inch AMOLED screen.


The display supports a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, has a scratch resistant surface and of course, has an accelerometer for auto rotate functionality.


Donut Defaults

The device uses the Android operating system and as one would expect from the developer, Google, updates for the platform are quite plenty. But even with the initially pre-installed OS, the Android 1.6 Donut provides the handset with exceptional capabilities.


First off, the Android Market gives XPERIA X8 users a wide array of apps, tools and features to choose from. Most of these apps are also free so customizing the handset from the get-go is actually quite easy.


Next, Googles pre-installed features are among the most practical things that a smart phone user could want; Gmail, Google Maps (with sat nav services), embedded Google search functionality, Google Talk and even Google Goggles (an Augmented Reality feature).


The Wrap Up

For a handset that many consider to be a watered down version of the XPERIA X10 (which actually is), the XPERIA X8 is still a device that is worth having for general smart phone users.


The hardcore crowd (and the purists) is better off with a more specialized and expensive device, but the X8 is a good general fit for everyone else. While the X10 Mini does provide a bit of an alternative for those who consider size to be important, the X8 still manages to be a great choice for most.

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