Nigeria Plots Additional 2.5% VAT To Boost VAT to 10% – Tribune

Nigeria Plots Additional 2.5% VAT To Boost VAT to 10% – Tribune

It is what it is: Nigeria is planning to introduce an additional 2.5% in VAT, to bring the total to 10%, Tribune reports. The government is looking for money but since there is really nothing productive happening at scale, except financial engineering, the only way is to tax those transactions. Personally, I expect our VAT to hit 18% by 2027 unless there is a foundational redesign of the architecture of Nigeria’s economy.  

Today, we are orthogonal and out of phase to what we should be doing. You cannot be scaling human population faster than economic opportunity, and expect normalcy in any economic equilibrium.

Federal Government on Tuesday disclosed that it has spent N7.09 trillion as at the end of the third quarter of 2020 fiscal year, just as it unveiled plans to introduce additional 2.5% Value Added Tax (VAT) rate in 2021 fiscal year as part of efforts aimed at increasing revenue generation.

Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Dr Zainab Ahmed disclosed this while presenting the overview of the 2020 fiscal outcomes and budget implementation/2021 budget defence to the House Committee on Finance, chaired by Hon. James Faleke.

According to documents presented to the Committee, as at the end of Q3 2020, Federal Government’s revenue available for budget funding (excluding GOEs) was N2.83 trillion, 70% of target. Federal Government share of oil revenues was N1.203 trillion (representing 158% performance, over and above the prorated sum in the revised 2020 budget) while non-oil tax revenues totalled N927.47 billion (76% of revised target).

Yet, VAT increase may not be the most fearful. The biggest fear remains and I hope it never happens: a potential Central Bank of Nigeria mandate that all monies in dorm accounts be converted into naira. From all angles, if the government cannot find money to fund bureaucracy, do not think anything is off limits.

These guys have mismanaged Nigeria since 1999 – and that is unfortunate. Who runs a company like Nigeria? You keep creating new boards, institutions, etc when you are complaining that you have no money? When will Nigeria get the right size of suits from our tailors?

My position remains: drastically reduce the cost of government; we may not even need the House of Representatives. Collapse federal universities so that each geopolitical region will have 3 with other current universities as campuses tied to any of the three. Close those agencies like NIGCOMSAT, NARSDA, NACETEM, etc because they will never deliver anything of value. Invest massively in primary and secondary education, and remove subsidies in university education. Etc, Etc.

Update: after Tribune ran the piece, the government posted this tweet. Of course, everything is first denied before it becomes the new normal. So, the tweet changes nothing.


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2 thoughts on “Nigeria Plots Additional 2.5% VAT To Boost VAT to 10% – Tribune

  1. They tried borrowing, it did not improve their competence; they tried stamp duty, but remained poor; they increased VAT, the numbers still didn’t add up; they removed petrol subsidies, increased energy tariffs, but poverty is still following them around.

    Now, what do they really think they could achieve with ten percent VAT? NOTHING! When you are supremely incompetent and tasteless, no amount of squeezing and financial engineering will help your situation.

    I think the finance minister should take a bow, she never convinced from day one, her appointment was accidental, but when you have a boss that is oblivious of his surroundings, everyone is a great performer.

    This is the worst team to ever preside over Nigeria’s affairs, from top to bottom, none inspires. Other administrations at least had some brilliant minds, but here, everyone is atrocious.

    They shouted Change and captured power, and for over five years, they are yet to understand governance, instead they will point the projects they borrowed money to finance.

    In what ways have they improved the livelihoods of Nigerians, and with shout about corruption and taxes, are we now richer or poorer?

    None of these guys are qualified to lead a village, let alone a country.


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