Nigeria to deploy vehicle registration card program

Nigeria to deploy vehicle registration card program

HID Global, a secure identity solutions, recently announced that it has partnered with Media Concepts of Lagos, Nigeria to deploy mobile IDs on Nigerian citizens’ smartphones using the new HID goID platform. Mobile IDs will be issued through the Nigerian Police Biometric Central Motor Registry (BCMR) vehicle registration card program, which provides real-time access to vehicle/vehicle owner information via credentials and mobile readers powered by Seos. The BCMR card program is moving from pilot phase to full implementation with the expectation to register all motor vehicles as the project rolls out nationwide.

This program in Nigeria is the first of several programs that HID Global will be announcing across the world in support of the company’s mobility initiative launched last month, including the new HID goID™ solution that enables smart devices to securely carry government-issued IDs and conduct transactions not possible using a physical card.

The Nigerian Police BCMR is a biometrically-enabled, real-time information system designed to enhance the reliability and effectiveness of policing. The BCMR vehicle registration program marks the beginning of a major deployment of vehicle registration cards and mobile readers that are powered by Seos technology.

Simultaneously, the Nigerian police are launching the program to offer citizens a secure and convenient mobile ID option. Citizens can apply for a mobile ID at the time of vehicle registration. Once registration is complete, issuance of the mobile ID to a citizen’s smartphone is almost instant, which bridges the gap between registration and receipt of the physical card.

The Nigerian Police will be issued smartphones as mobile readers to verify a vehicle owner’s ID and at the same time gain real-time access to reliable accident, crime or insurance information on the vehicle. The readers will sit in a specially designed cradle to accommodate the citizen’s biometrics stored on the card or mobile ID.

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