Nigerian Election: Tekedia Presidential Election Barometer Moves President Jonathan to 8. His Google Buzz Remains Strong

It is becoming clear that Jonathan will win the election of next week. We have moved his Barometer from 7 to 8 over the scale of 10. We have analyzed the results and Google buzz and noticed that none of his opponents can close the gap. He will lose the West because of Fola Adeola. Yet, Nuhu Ribadu cannot match him. The only way Nuhu will have a chance is if he can form an alliance with Buhari.


We are watching the results in the North. As soon as we are done there, we will issue our final Barometer for all the major candidates.


Notice that by moving the Governorship election after the Presidential one, Jonathan is certain to push all the PDP governors (in majority) to work for him. Otherwise, they could be in trouble a week after. This is a strategic roadmap from INEC and State to have the presidential election before the governorship. It makes it certain that anyone that does not work for the President could be in trouble the week after.

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