Nigeria 2023 Presidential Election: The Few and the Majority Game

Nigeria 2023 Presidential Election: The Few and the Majority Game

Citizens have expressed a variety of views since the door to form purchase for various political positions in 2023 was opened by political parties and politicians who are not expected to indicate interest in the presidential position purchased forms. According to our analysis, mixed emotions to the politicians who showed interest in the presidency are not as strong as to the sentiments exhibited towards the cost of form issued by the two major political parties, the All Progressives Congress and the People’s Democratic Party.

Our analyst discovered that the People’s Democratic Party made a total of N646 million by selling the forms to 17 aspirants, while the All Progressives Congress made a total of N1.23 billion.

Ordinary Nigerians and members of civil society organizations were startled that political parties could sell forms at a price that may improve residents’ socioeconomic position in areas where many hopefuls live. Many of the hopefuls, according to certain citizens and CSOs, bought the form in the hopes of securing political jobs after the 2023 general elections. The biggest parties, according to the submission, sell forms at a high cost in order to raise sufficient campaign funds.

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Overall, our analyst believes that because all of the hopefuls cannot be candidates, the essential ones will emerge as the contest heats up. In the next days, the two parties are anticipated to use specific methods and techniques to reduce the number. President Buhari’s methods of imposing a mandatory resignation letter submission a few days ago, as well as some applicants’ inability to submit their forms before the deadline, have already paid off.

An online national newspaper reports that “No fewer than 25 presidential aspirants will contest for the presidential ticket of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). As of midnight Friday, the 25 aspirants were able to meet the deadline for the submission of completed forms. To this end, the 25 aspirants will slug it out at the presidential primary of the party slated for May 30.”

The critical few would emerge for the race, based on the earlier hypothesis. During the 2023 presidential election, Nigerians can anticipate five political parties to have formidable candidates. In other words, from a pool of less than 40 candidates, the critical few would be offered to Nigerians. Candidates will make up the final critical few, but the electorate will be the most important factor. The crucial major should be a requirement for one of the final critical few to become the next president.

The critical major, on the other hand, would not make the critical choice, which should be enough to change weak leadership and competence that have been the main problems of the country over the years. The low turnout in recent presidential elections, as well as voting along ethnic and religious lines, demonstrate this.

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