Nigeria’s Cybersecurity Challenge [SN]

Nigeria’s Cybersecurity Challenge [SN]

This is a Short Note from my LinkedIn update.

Acting President Prof Yemi Osinbajo spoke brilliantly yesterday in Abuja during a graduation program in the National Defence College. He said: “I challenge the elite of our armed forces that if militants, terrorist groups and internet hackers are constantly re-inventing themselves taking advantage of emerging technologies, you have no reason whatsoever not to be at the cutting edge of technological warfare. You must consistently redefine your role in national security architecture.”

He also challenged the military on a roadmap as Nigeria faces a double whammy: dwindling oil production and displacement as nations pivot to “stop use of petrol vehicles”.

I’ve stated that Nigeria needs to develop a military battalion dedicated to cyber-defence – the cyber version of the traditional battalion. Also, as Mr. Ag President noted, for the military to assure Nigeria’s security, it must fix the oil dependence.

I commend the Ag President – very great speech.


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