Nigeria’s Lessons from England And Missed Penalties

Nigeria’s Lessons from England And Missed Penalties

England wanted to party but football happened. Now, three young men are blamed. Saka, Sancho and Rashford all missed penalties against Italy during Sunday’s Euro 2020 finals; Italy took the cup home. The young men are united by one thing: they are African-Europeans.

Sure, what does it have to do with a Nigerian or Nigeria? It has to do with many who are praying that Nigeria does poorly in the Tokyo Olympics Basketball because mainly southerners are representing the nation in the basketball game

This is the fact: for all the greats of England, they have not been this close for decades in football tournaments. And some of their greats have missed penalties. There is no need to bring racism into this and diminish what these young men have accomplished.

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And Nigerians hoping for our team to mess up should grow up: there are more important things to pray for than asking God or Allah to make a team lose a game!


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