Nigeria’s Olafenwa Brothers – Amazing AI Geeks With Vision

Nigeria’s Olafenwa Brothers – Amazing AI Geeks With Vision

Hello Moses Olafenwa and John Olafenwa,

This is Ndubuisi Ekekwe, your fellow citizen. I read a post on my blog written by Nnamdi. I was blown away on your works.

Moses and John Olafenwa, the CEO and CTO of AI Commons (now called DeepQuest AI), respectively, launched Deep Quest AI to advance artificial intelligence and make it accessible to every individual and organization in the world.

They created Deepstack, an AI server which can be easily installed, used completely offline or on the cloud for facial recognition, object detection, scene recognition and custom recognition for enterprise, consumer and security applications. Its API allows you to run thousands to millions of requests without pay as you use costs, and provides the perfect integration channel for all your applications. Also, it makes it easier to add new recognition APIs at will, with capacity to deploy instantly with strong user privacy.

Quickly, I marshaled to track both in Nigeria and within minutes, I spoke with Moses. I offered jobs to start on Monday but Moses “smiled”. I offered to fund your ideas immediately, Moses “smiled”. Because that happened, your story becomes more exciting: jobs and money serve great people! You both are amazing.

I told Moses that I will make this post to show young people the way the world works. I wish Moses had given me the opportunity to sign the offer letters or write the cheque. Nonetheless, your story is what Nigeria needs.

Good luck into the exciting future. You have my direct phone number!

Two Nigerian Brothers On A Quest To Democratize AI for Everyone


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