Nigeria’s Peace Mass Transit Should Stop Risking Lives With Reckless Drivers

Nigeria’s Peace Mass Transit Should Stop Risking Lives With Reckless Drivers

If you don’t value your customers time, money and life, you are as good as a thief.

I had my first travelling experience with Peace Mass Transit and I must say, that would be my last business relationship with them unless they improve.

I travelled from Ibadan to Awka on Thursday using the popular transport company, Peace Mass Transit, with the vehicle numbered PMT 799. What I experienced was quite different from what I was told by a friend.

They have zero customer satisfaction. All the passenger that journeyed with me all lamented and vowed never to use the company again even if they are offering the service for free.

The worst part is, I paid more than what I do pay for public transport and I got no satisfaction for the money paid.

The bus had no air conditioner, no comfortable seats and a very rude driver. If a private company can’t afford to acquire all the legal papers, then why is such a company in the business of transportation.

They have no understanding of the business. Maybe I am wrong, but I have no choice after my time was wasted for over two hours because of an incomplete paper issue.

Here’s the story, we were stopped by the local government officials for checking. It turned out to be that the company doesn’t have the required paper – ”emblem”.

We spent hours waiting for the company to solve the issue. The driver put a call through to the office but to no avail. After we(the passengers) had waited for over two hours, we got frustrated and begged the officials as we have a long journey ahead – about six hours journey.

After many pleas, they were considerate and granted our wish on one condition – ”settlement”

Since the driver wasn’t ready to pay them a dime, we the passengers had to contribute from our pockets. The worst customer service ever.

That never ended there as we collided with a trailer due to the reckless driving of the driver. It took us another two hours to resolve the issue.

The journey was never a smooth one as we have to cautioned the driver from driving recklessly on many occasions. A journey of six hours turned out to be a journey of sixteen hours. I arrived at Awka around 11:30 pm.

It was the worst customer experience I ever had. In spite of it all, there was no apology from the driver or the company. It shows they only care about money and not the people.

I pray the Federal Government would ban the company forever unless they change for the best. They could have killed almost sixteen people due to their nonchalant attitude.

My advice to everyone out there, ”DON’T TRAVEL WITH PEACE MASS TRANSIT”.

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One thought on “Nigeria’s Peace Mass Transit Should Stop Risking Lives With Reckless Drivers

  1. Why travel with a coffin? That had been the nickname given to the company since I’ve known them. Always prone to accident. When u see them on the road, you will never advise your enemy to travel with them. Many have gone traveling with that company.
    Thank God for your Life


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