Tekedia Institute Appoints Results Institute As Regional Partner for Southern Africa

Tekedia Institute Appoints Results Institute As Regional Partner for Southern Africa

Good People, I am very happy to announce that we now have a local presence in Southern Africa to make it easier to connect with innovators and co-learners in the Tekedia Mini-MBA. South Africa and the broad Southern Africa brought some of the largest members in our current program. So, when @Sifiso wrote to us that he would like to establish a local company that would focus on expanding our works in the area, we were thrilled. He dropped that email with a keyword, “Fantastic” training. He is a current member, and this are his words.

Another great insight by Ndubuisi Ekekwe. He keeps them coming fast. Many of us miss the significance of stories that make the news headlines. For the past few years, I have followed Ndubuisi (even digging up some of his old articles). Everything tech globally and in Africa is treated with same incisive analysis and broken down as it happens.

This year, it has been a privilege to be in the mini-MBA he is running through his Tekedia Institute (USA). Weekly case studies based on current events and the underlying strategy constructs have made it easy to understand the rise and fall of technology-based businesses.

Given current trends, I am glad I took the decision to follow and enroll in the mini-MBA. Friends interested in joining the next course (22 June to 22 October 2020) can explore the course and contents at https://results.institute

Ladies and gentlemen, the payment issue is solved and fixed, Results Institute Continuing Education is approved to collect payments as a Regional Partner (Southern Africa) for Tekedia Institute.

Once Covid-19 passes, I would be visiting Cape Town and Johannesburg as usual to continue what we do therein. South Africa has always supported my works, baptizing me as a “Doctor of Innovation” after a well received program for bank leaders in Africa’s most advanced economy.

If you are in Southern Africa, Results Institute can answer any question you may have on Tekedia Institute. It is working in Zimbabwe, South Africa, etc linking governments, corporations, startups, etc for Tekedia Mini-MBA. Visit the site here – https://results.institute/



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