Peace In South Sudan – The Map And Geography From Google

We are signing off today with this nice one. It is late in Lagos, 10pm.  Call it a blurb, sure, too short but we saw the map of South Sudan and were touched.


Google worked with the World Bank, UNOSAT, and RCMRD and some Sudanese in diaspora to map the young nation that became independent on July 9th. What a nice shape. Did you notice it? What does it look like? Hope!


We continue to congratulate the people of Sudan and  we thank Google for getting this out.


This is how Wikipedia captured it and it seemed to be how it is there

South Sudan officially the Republic of South Sudan,is a landlocked country in East Africa. Its capital and largest city is Juba.South Sudan is bordered by Ethiopia to the east; Kenya to the southeast; Uganda to the south; the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the southwest; the Central African Republic to the west; and Sudan to the north. South Sudan includes the vast swamp region of the Sudd formed by the White Nile, locally called the Bahr al Jabal.


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