Petrolex Is A Smart Alternative To Apapa Oil Logistics Paralysis

Petrolex Is A Smart Alternative To Apapa Oil Logistics Paralysis

Apapa, Nigeria’s premier port city, has lost its glory. A destination which was created to serve only 1500 trucks now grapples with about 6,000 which convey cargo to and fro its two ports (Apapa, Tin Can), and petroleum products from the tank farms of crude oil marketing companies daily. This congestion paralysis causes a nuisance to Apapa residents and the organizations located there. The traffic gridlock  has caused the collapse of the roads, leading to deaths from tanker fires and armed robbery. The impact has been closure of and relocation of several enterprises including hospitality and entertainment.

Petrolex Oil and Gas founded by a patriotic Nigerian, Segun Adebutu, to fix the friction in Nigeria’s oil and gas logistics in order to help petroleum marketers with a viable alternative to the Apapa congestion, plans to reduce Nigeria’s dependence on crude oil as well as petrochemical imports. It has built a state of the art mega oil city at Ibefun, Ogun State which will play host to the biggest tank farm in Sub Saharan Africa at 300 million litres with 30 loading gantries, a scheduled truck loading and fuel management system, marshaling yard with 4000 truck capacity park. 

Also, it will have a jetty to supply the hub as well as ensure operational efficiency in distribution of petroleum products and vessels. Its fleet consists of 10 barges, 2 tug boats and a daughter vessel to boost the distribution of petroleum products.

To make Nigeria a petroleum and petrochemical product consumption nation which will preserve our imports of about $10 billion which consumes the bulk of our foreign exchange, this project will play host to 250,000 barrels per day petroleum refinery which will be the second biggest in the country and Sub Saharan Africa upon completion, a petrochemical plant expected to serve Nigeria’s manufacturing firms with critical raw materials for their competitiveness, a lubricant plant whose products will power the nation’s automotive, and a gas processing plant which will manufacture 50,000 Liquefied Petroleum Gas cylinders for affordable LPG Gas consumption by consumers.

Petrolex’s Oil and Gas City is expected to create over 10,000 direct and indirect jobs for Nigerians with an economic impact on the lives of over two million Nigerians and will help to decongest Apapa and Ibafo tanker traffic gridlock as well as eliminating potential associated hazards.

Considering the strategic location of Ogun State which plays host to the highest concentration of manufacturers in Nigeria and borders Lagos State as well as the gateway to other parts of the federation, Petrolex’s intervention is a patriotic and strategic gesture which will help solve a major paralysis which has plagued the nation causing daily erosion of capital that could have boosted our national GDP.

Nigerian petroleum marketers should utilize this hub to solve their logistics needs so that Apapa residents can smile once again and restore the lost glory of their beautiful city.

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