The SIGNAL’s #80Nigerians

The SIGNAL’s #80Nigerians

I am happy if the Lord’s grace in my life can help make the case that many of us come to the beautiful America and do the right things. The SIGNAL’s #80Nigerians campaign on Twitter is thoughtful. I remain one of the inventors in America who the United States Government sought and acquired assignee rights to their inventions. I am a Nigerian! Do not allow those crazy people to define the destinies of many amazing Nigerians. Yes, we are Nigerians, and we have added value in America. We must treasure that opportunity and continue to live on the tenets of decency, honor and value. The crazy 80 cannot change that fact!

U.S. Government Gets Assignee Rights to My U.S. Patent



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5 thoughts on “The SIGNAL’s #80Nigerians

  1. I wouldn’t agree lesser. More so the unannounced achievement that has been recorded amongst a few or seen no public stunt .

    Great write up sire and welldone.

      1. #80Nigerians out of over 180 million Nigerians is never a good sample size to define the entire population of the most populous black African country, Nigeria.

        Nigerians are great people and the world knows and acknowledges that fact. Even the most holy team ever formed, the twelve disciples of Jesus, had a Judas among them. The word crime is an English word implying bad eggs and criminals existed world over, right from ages past.

  2. I am Enoh, a Nigerian America based, a Nigerian inventor, software engineer, solution designer and entrepreneur. I was part of the team that designed and developed the world’s first disruptive space solution based on routers on nano-satellites coupled with unique proprietary management software enabling autonomous deployment, orbit control, and communication between satellites used by LEO Satellites providers used to give affordable connectivity to more than 5.5 Billion people around the Polar and Equatorial regions. We cannot write many of this on the internet. But Nigerians are awesome in America and the world from technology to defense and medical to business etc more than 35% of the Black Doctors in America are Nigerians. #80Nigerians
    “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not”
    Do not be discourage let thy light shine!


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