We’re Nigerians, We’re Amazing

We’re Nigerians, We’re Amazing

Young Nigerians, many of your fellow citizens in America are doing great things. America offers huge opportunities and it knows how to honor everyone – including Nigerians. Sure, bad news move very fast. But that does not mean we do not have a tradition of adding value in America. 

Few months ago, I reported that I offered assignee rights to a Patent to the United States Government. That patent is going to be used in the space. It is already deployed in medical equipment. There are things many of us do that we cannot write because they are either proprietary or classified. But Nigerians are awesome in America. 

I have worked in NASA matter anti-matter annihilation project under the project manager, Prof Ben Oni, a Nigerian. He is a busy man to talk to the press or have a social media account but he is a Nigerian.

These crazy people must not shape how you see your fellow citizens living in America: most are honourable.

We will get over this challenge – we always, as Nigerians


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4 thoughts on “We’re Nigerians, We’re Amazing

  1. Ndubuisi, now you come ! and this is the best perspective to look at the issues of the recent weeks. If you and me and others join hands to project the good things Nigerians are doing world wide and the value we are adding to life , we shall drum the voice of the criminals among us. Every nation have criminals Nigeria is not exempt. Let us sing in this song from now please. Thanks, I am now you recruit. Nigeria is the best country I know in this life. I have been every where but I am grateful to be a Nigerian indeed. Entering USA or Europe does not determine my value. It is the value in the Nigeria in me that tickles my world.

    1. Thank you Prof. I was told that the U.S. embassy froze visa interviews in Nigeria. While I do not know the full reason, the action will be unfortunate if connected to the recent FBI arrests since NG has exported great people to America.

  2. Thank you so much Prof for all you do. I am a young Nigerian looking to make an impact. I read your blog regularly and every time I look back and say to myself that anything is possible. Thank you.


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