Photos of Zenvus Smartfarm Design for U.S. and European Markets

Photos of Zenvus Smartfarm Design for U.S. and European Markets

When we unveiled Zenvus for the African markets, we did not know that we were out for something big. From the north to the south, east to west, African markets have responded. But while that was happening, American, French and Brazilian farmers were calling. Our products are affordable and have changed the basis of competition since you need to spend about 5% compared to the cost of some competing big brands.

Zenvus is a pioneering precision farming technology company that uses computational algorithm and electronics to transform farms. Zenvus collects soil fertility and crop vegetative health data to deliver precision agriculture at scale. It then uses the aggregated and anonymized data to deliver financial services to farmers

I saw the global opportunity and knew that we needed to modify some specific things to serve those markets. In this post, I am sharing some photos of some circuits under tests. We will begin serving those markets next year. This is for big farms with at least 50 hectares of land.

This version of Zenvus Smartfarm is engineered for private cloud. So a farmer can pay to have its data stored in a sequestered datacenter while relying on Zenvus award-winning algorithm to process the data. Zenvus sensors will still anchor the data collection.

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We continue to serve African markets through governments and co-operatives providing the best precision agriculture technology for smallholders farmers in the world.


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2 thoughts on “Photos of Zenvus Smartfarm Design for U.S. and European Markets

  1. That’s good to hear,and for once I’m very happy than an African designed and built technology product is receiving global demand and interest.
    Kudos to professor Ekekwe and his team at fasmicro making us proud.
    I wish you a globa-wise resounding success in your noble endeavour .


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