Play The Management And Leadership Wheel Used By Executive Coaches


PDF version is here: Management Wheel

Do this exercise and access your management/leadership development. It was given to me by my Executive Coach, courtesy of TED


Directions:  Score (0 to 10) your satisfaction with your ability to:

  • Planning and Budgeting:  establishing detailed steps and timetables for achieving

results and then allocating the resources necessary to make it happen.

  • Establishing Direction:  developing a vision of the future, often the distant future,

and strategies for producing the changes needed to achieve that vision.

  • Organizing and Staffing:  establishing a structure for accomplishing plan  requirements, staffing that structure with people, delegating authority for carrying out the plan, providing policies and procedures to guide people, and creating methods or systems to monitor implementation.
  • Aligning People:  communicating the direction by words and deeds to all those whose cooperation may be needed so as to create a team that understands the vision and strategies and accepts their validity.
  • Controlling and Problem Solving:  monitoring results in detail, identifying deviation from the plan, and then organizing to solve these problems.
  • Motivating and Inspiring: energizing people to overcome major political, bureaucratic, and resource barriers to change by satisfying basic, but often unfulfilled, human needs.
  • Promoting Stability and Order:  creating the potential of consistently producing key results.
  • Promoting Change:  creating the potential of producing useful change (such as desired new products or processes)

Source: From questionnaire from my executive coach, but figure from this site

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