Post Covid-19 Survival Strategies for Business Owners

Post Covid-19 Survival Strategies for Business Owners

The Post COVID-19 period is here; though we’re already living in the reality of the “future shock” that was long predicted and most importantly, you can’t but make sure that you try your best to ensure that you move with the wave.

We are currently in the wave of change and it’s a massive wave of change. Change is inevitable. And, wisdom is required for direction if you’re going to make massive impacts Post COVID-19. Today, I’ll be trying my best to provide you with basic thoughts and ideas that I think will help you toward redefining your business as well as work in this Post COVID-19 Period. 

And, they are these things:


According to research conducted by a group of social scientists, It had already been predicted that by 2020, knowledge will increase in your field every 72 hours. You need to keep up with massive knowledge and new ideas and thoughts that’ll be shared in your field or areas of interest in 2020. So you’ve a lot to keep up with. Here are some actionable steps you can take: 

  • Register an account on an important thought leadership webpage in your field of interest, make sure that you’re updated with the latest industry knowledge in your field and industry. A Lot of things had practically changed. And, you need to keep yourself updated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with new insights.  
  • Build a brand on LinkedIn and other professional development platforms that’ll help you gain access to visibility.  If you don’t have one, just launch the webpage here: to register an account.  Use Facebook and Twitter to build a remarkable thought leadership brand, followership and profiling. 
  • Learn Copywriting Skills to write a persuasive sale copy for your business.  
  • Learn Coding Skills and most importantly, you can pay to learn website development on platforms like;;; a more localized e-learning platform are;; and to learn website design, and some of you could opt-in for content management website programming and important high income skills 
  • Learn Public Speaking, Networking and Pitching Skills. This will help you know how to pitch your business offering to get funds. Check important platforms like;; and for funding, trainings, scholarship and fellowship opportunities


Technology is the new amplifier and a gold mine, you can but leverage on tech tools now to amplify your market reach and to make massive impacts. Some steps to consider:

  • Design mobile apps to solve problem. 
  • Launch a website or a simple webpage. 
  • Leverage on digital marketing to push online marketing. 
  • Open a social media page for your business. 
  • Use free platforms like; and for free classified ads for your businesses. 


We now live in a world of increased competition and the world is competition, competition and competition. Think of how you could be entrepreneurial in your organization. Even if you work for an organization, learn to include an entrepreneurial model to build scale and traction for your organization. To be competitive learn to amplify your knowledge access by using technology tools to build competitive advantage for yourself. Your ability to have access use technology tools will simplify your business operations. Some steps to consider:

  • Use to build a simple profile page for yourself and business. 
  • Teach all of your workers on how to use digital tools like Skype and ZOOM to hold virtual meetings.
  • Use apps like “Slack App” for virtual co-working. 
  • Use Facebook Classified Ads to put your products and service offering in the faces of people who need it. 
  • Google Ads mainly Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to optimize your website for gaining visibility, profit making and impacts.


Look for new ways of doing things. Don’t be stereotypical to the past ways of doing things. Be open to new ideas and ways of business operational as well as study the current trends in your industry. Some steps to consider:

  • Look for new market trends. 
  • Look for ways to build business within basic areas of servicing the basic needs of your customers. 
  • Craft out a scalable model that directly connects you with your customer using the Business to Consumer(B2C) model. 
  • Learn tools like business model canvassing, business proposal writing as well as business pitch deck crafting to build a structure for your business. 


In this season of global pandemic, most businesses and industries are not profitable. You need to look for ways to tweak your operational model as well as open your eyes widely to see industries that are highly profitable. Some steps to consider:

  • Launch an ICT oriented business. Set up website development, branding, social media management and online adverts placement company. Even if your business is not into IT service or product delivery, look for ways to include technology tools into your business operations. 
  • Launch Agricultural-based and Food Processing businesses. I have not seen anybody in this world who doesn’t need food for survival. Even if you don’t have the flare for agriculture businesses, you can also contribute within the value chain by contributing to food processing and packaging. 
  • Launch Medical Supplies business. With the current increase in the cases of people affected by Coronavirus; there are various guidelines given by WHO and various healthcare agencies. You can start businesses that constantly supply noise masks, face shields, hand sanitizers as well as thermal thermometer use for checking body temperature to individuals, companies, organization, agencies and industries.  

With these ideas of mine, I believe you can be battle ready to make a lasting impact to survive during Post COVID-19. 

Have a great time.

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