Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe Keynote in Big Data & Business Analytics Conference, Lagos, March 2019 [Video]

Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe Keynote in Big Data & Business Analytics Conference, Lagos, March 2019 [Video]

This is Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe’s Keynote during the 2019 Big Data & Business Analytics Conference, Lagos, 5-7 March 2019. He spoke on the topic – “Abundance in the Data of Nations”.

At about 6.32 minute frame, the video man lost a small segment. It is not noticeable though. He said he was swapping SD cards in the system.

THEME:     Big Data, Analytics and African Development
VENUE:    Ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria
DATE:       March 5th – 7th, 2019

As demand for digital transformation grows, data and analytics have new visibility and value in the enterprise — the source of unprecedented opportunity for development in Africa, business decision, innovation and growth.  The use of Big Data & Analytics have received significant attention in recent years.

The Sub-Saharan Africa Big Data, Analytics and Africa Development Conference 2019 aims to provide a platform for governments, enterprises, researchers and practitioners to exchange innovative ideas, latest research results, and practice experiences and lessons learned. Its major objectives include big-data applications in various domains such as healthcare, business and financing, education and learning, social networks and media, urban and environment, sensors and Internet of things as well as technology aspects of big data computing and services such as data mining and analytics.

The Conference will be hosting the 1st edition of the Sub-Saharan Africa Big Data and Business Analytics Conference 2019 in Ikeja, Lagos in Nigeria and is therefore calling for papers from both academia and industry experts on various sub themes.


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