Rotational Presidency is NOT Nigeria’s Solution, Restructured Economic Federalism Is.

Rotational Presidency is NOT Nigeria’s Solution, Restructured Economic Federalism Is.

Rotational presidency is NOT Nigeria’s solution since rotating inefficiency is not a solution. The growth key is building healthy intra-competition among states, and scaling productivity systems in communities. I support a revamped and restructured economic federalism so that the principle of comparative advantages will work in Nigeria. Until Nigeria does it, it will not advance!

Abia and Yobe states were created on the same day. Both states have been receiving the same Universal Basic Education funds per capita since 1991. After three decades, Abia has a literacy rate of close to 95% while Yobe is below 15% (NBS data).

It is only in Nigeria that such is possible. My point is this: the current economic architecture makes no sense and has to be upgraded!

There needs to be incentives for governors to live and govern in their states instead of camping at Abuja counting monthly allocations. Our Vice President promised this during the 2015 campaign. I hope he can get Mr. President to build a foundation for future Nigeria by fixing this paralysis through federalism. Aba is dying because money is coming from Abuja. Osogbo, the same. Jos, the same. Pick your city!

literacy rate Nigeria (NBS)



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One thought on “Rotational Presidency is NOT Nigeria’s Solution, Restructured Economic Federalism Is.

  1. The APC mafia boycotted the last Confab, so it would be a taboo for them to look at it, to see good aspects to implement. It’s Nigeria’s commonwealth that burnt there, yet no urgency or effort to get value for money. The gang are incapable of calling for a national dialogue on how to advance Nigeria, because in their small minds, they have what it takes to move Nigeria forward.

    Is there anyone who remotely believes that Nigeria is workable the way it’s presently constituted and managed? So, what is stopping us from doing the needful? Our moral badness has reached a level where we substitute evil for good and then – frustrate every good intent.

    We intentionally set up a country to fail, with no effort whatsoever to right the wrong, rather we double down and perpetuate mediocrity and failure. We are so wicked and soulless that we don’t have a thought for the generation coming after us, rather we prefer to deform and destroy both the present and future. The hearts are very dark, we are full of evil intents.

    For years we keep yammering and regurgitating on restructuring and its constituents, instead of having sound debates and agreeing on something, we choose to play intellectual acrobatics and gymnastics; a wasted generation.


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