Stocks To Buy In This Coronavirus Economy (Video)

Stocks To Buy In This Coronavirus Economy (Video)

Members, you can go straight to Week 6 Board for updates from other members. We’ve decided to share this to the general public. Yet, we prefer you use the Board as we follow better therein on comments.

We did not do our weekly webinar because of the extensive videos for this week’s session on capital markets, fundraising and investing; we received no extra question. However, we did receive some questions on the potential opportunities in the market.

First thing first, I do not recommend people buying stocks now. Yes, while you can make tons of money at this point, if things work out, a better strategy may be holding some cash because no one knows how long this paralysis will last. Also, there is no data that shows that coronavirus has hit the bottom. So, buying now could be “too early” as things could get worse. As noted in the video, unless we have a cure, covid-19 could become cyclical, wiping out economic systems around the world.

This week in Tekedia Mini-MBA we focused on capital markets, fundraising and investing. We have a FREE video as part of our academic lab by making a call on our choice stocks (public in U.S. and Nigeria) in this coronavirus global economy.

As you watch, we are happy to note that the 2nd edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA will begin registration on April 1 2020. Plan to join us here.

Yet, for academic purposes and practicalizing the weekly session on this Tekedia mini-MBA, our team has put together some stocks (only publicly traded stocks in the U.S. and Nigeria) which could be on play at this moment. We have examined the sectors and how they could play out in the coronavirus economy.

That said, everything can collapse. I expect the U.S. to lose at least 2 million jobs in the next two months.If that holds, markets would be rattled and the domino impacts will be felt across economies. The implication is that even safe stocks of today cannot overcome the SELL gravity. This content is delivered as part of our learning and training system for hundreds who signed up for this program.

As you watch this video, we are happy to note that the second edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA will begin registration on April 1 2020. Please visit here – for the link on April 1 to register.





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