Strategic Issues that will make or mar Amotekun’s Operations in South West Nigeria

Strategic Issues that will make or mar Amotekun’s Operations in South West Nigeria

The idea came at the time security of lives and properties was at its lowest ebb in the region. Stories of killing, wailing and loss rented the air and was almost making the southwest roads the next most dangerous after the Boko Haram ravaged the North Eastern Nigeria. Concerns by stakeholders was pointing towards the formation of a security network built on local intelligence involving the different security personnel of the Police, the Nigerian Army, the NSCDC, the Air Force and local militias.

This cry culminated in the joint meeting of the governors across the region in a summit tagged Southwest Security Summit held in Ibadan. And the name of the outfit was pronounced Amotekun. The headquarters is located at Gbongan ìn Osun State. And the outfit would be unveiled on Thursday January 9, 2020.Ordinary people and security experts have hailed the move by the governors of the Southwest to secure its road in a cooperative manner that portrays the potential of such approach if extended to other areas of her life. However, there are strategic issues that need to be looked into as Operation Amotekun comes on board in the security architecture of the region.

#Synergy between the Security Force and Local Militias. Days ahead of the inauguration, pointers are emerging as to the kind of relationship that would exist between the established forces and the local militia and vigilante groups in the region. For a region that has an abundance of local security groups such as OPC, Agbekoyas and others, it is important that the modus operandi of the outfit should be clearly spelt out. The roles of the different composition should be complementary. There should be a strong cohesion within the team. This is important in order not to jeopardize the purpose of the outfit. Already, there are insinuations that the different personnel of the existing security will not work with the local militias. This might not be a good omen for the new outfit.

#Corruption. Another major issue that would confront the smooth running of the operation is the corrupt tendency that exists within the major components that make up Amotekun. With existing efforts to curb the menace of criminal activities already compromised by extortion which happens on daily basis along the major routes.   People are wondering if such collection of illegal toll would not have negative effect on the operation. Turning such an important security operation to a commercialized venture might not be the best approach to retain confidence.

#Local Intelligence+Advanced Tech. The security outfit has to blend indigenous intelligence with advanced crime fighting tech. An analysis of kidnapping victims’ narration of their ordeal reveals that the perpetrators understand the terrain very well. So, it requires an equal  understanding on the part of those who are commissioned to secure the people. The use of drones and other modern crime detection and fighting tools should be deployed. This is not to discountenance the usefulness of the local intelligence. What would put an end or minimize the menace of these crimes is a combination of these two.

#Open Communication. Security of life and property as important as it is requires the cooperation of those to be secured. To have people buy in, the Amotekun outfit needs strategic communication. Such that would  be good enough to give people the needed confidence and at the same time not jeopardize the intent of the organization.  A well equipped internet enabled situation room is advised. The outfit needs to create a mechanism for feedback. This is necessary in the light of human right abuses by Nigerian security personnel.



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