Tech Incubator – Nigeria Yet To Get One. Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Cameroon and Kenya Are Running


The giant of Africa is yet to get a Tech incubator. If you know any, please share with us. We have tried in Abuja and Lagos and could not just find any. Zubair Abubakar ajust confirmed that in our interview with him when he challenged government to setup ones like iHub Kenya.


But while we are waiting, other African competitors have got their own running. Here are selected tech incubators  in selected African countries.


iHub (Nairobi, Kenya)

We recently discussed iHub here during our coverage of Kenya
Meltwater Entrepreneurial School (Accra, Ghana)

We recently discussed MES here.

Appfrica Labs (Kampala, Uganda)

-Limbe Labs (Limbe, Cameroon)


In coming weeks, we will be looking at each of the African countries as we track the hot companies and clusters in the region.

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