Tech4Africa – What Will The Talk Be?

TECH4AFRICA is proud to bring together some of the most respected people in technology to share, teach and interact with Africans, in Africa. It’s an exciting time for African technology and it wouldn’t be possible without the vision and commitment of our partners.


Tekedia contributor, Ndubuisi Ekekwe, will be there.  His talk will focus generally on embedded systems engineering and how that will enable a new vistas in Africa’s technology quest. The specific will come later. Embedded systems is a wide field. He will not be tempted to speak in social media and ICT, because to him it is a spent force. ICT is not the only technology in the world and Africa needs to know that it must not be the only one the continent must develop. There are opportunities for other areas of technology.


We lack competence in geophysical technology, microelectronics,  aeronautics, drilling, etc. When are we going to make them fun for our kids? If everyone dreams to work for Google and Facebook, we will all die of hunger. So, we must not forget agricultural engineering.


The talk will not ramble all these because this is not a policy event. Simply, to know what he will talk, you need to register and attend the event. Prof N Ekekwe has authored an awarding winning book on nanotechnology and microelectronics, invented technologies, and did a lot of cool things. He will surely offer a deep  perspective in South Africa this October.


This is the speaker list. Hope Tekedia will meet you in South Africa. Live blogs of the event will be posted right here throughout the event.


The Forum, Jhb, South Africa – 27-28 October, 2011


Who should attend?

  • Business people wanting to understand how Web 2.0, mobile, and emerging technology and mobile is relevant to the enterprise
  • Technologists, geeks, bloggers, social media hipsters, hackers, journos, ponytails, propellorheads, and of course suits, who want to learn from the best in tech
  • Everyone working in a tech startup
  • Entrepreneurs interested in learning more about venture funding
  • Companies wanting to expose their product or service to a focussed audience
  • People looking to recruit technology people


Focus areas are:

  • Emerging tech and trends for Africa
  • Applications for Web 2.0 in Africa
  • Mobile & wireless innovation and trends for the next 3 years
  • Cloud computing and it’s relevance for business in Africa
  • Startups & business opportunities in Africa
  • African success stories
  • The funding landscape in Africa

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