TED Global is returning to Africa in 2017 after ten years

TED Global is returning to Africa in 2017 after ten years

TED, the popular conference, is returning to Africa. Ten years ago, it had a TED Global event in Arusha, Tanzania.  The new edition with theme Builders, Truth-tellers and Catalysts will be held August 27-30, 2017 in the same city.

Ten years on, TEDGlobal returns to Africa. Since our 2007 conference in Arusha, Tanzania, the continent has experienced spectacular economic, demographic and creative growth, and has made exciting progress toward its rightful place in the world. Yet many African nations are beset by challenges. And the stakes have never been higher. As populations continue to surge, both opportunity and danger are rising.

At TEDGlobal 2017, we’ll bring together an incredible group of speakers who can collectively help shape how this plays out. Dreamers and doers. Technologists and entrepreneurs. Business leaders and creatives. The event ten years ago felt like history in the making. The ideas and connections forged then have had untold impact. We want to reignite those sparks and invite anyone passionate about the future of Africa, and the future of the world to come and be part of something special. TEDGlobal2017: “Builders. Truth-Tellers. Catalysts.”

We do think this could possibly be for Americans and Europeans with some selected Africans to enjoy the Arusha August blissful weather since the attendance price tag is huge. You need to be out by $6,000 for the standard fee. For the donor category, you need to be off by $12,000. Of course this is not for farmers and bricklayers, this is a club for the moguls and governments.You must have real weight to attend TED Global 2017 in Tanzania. If not, you can wait for the videos to be posted free online.

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